What We Do

We specialise in the recording of voice-overs, sound design and post-production for broadcast, online media, podcasts, and narration projects such as audiobooks.


Brand Storytelling

Creating a strong brand identity for your commercials or brand videos with the right voice, music and sound design is key to building such trust with your audience and achieving both business  and creative success.

We work with you to craft the tone of voice and style of music to convey your brand’s personality or the values of your company.

Caltrate Joint Health UC-ii TVC
#UnearthVitality with Cheong Kwan Jang
Rainbow Centre Corporate Video 100
Rainbow Centre Corporate Video

Voice-overs Narration

For TVC & Radio spots, online videos, apps, e-learning, on-hold messages, public announcements and basically anything and anywhere that needs a good voice to sell or communicate. 

We work with a large pool of voice-artistes with media and/or theatrical background. Every voiceover project varies in terms of the approach and delivery. It’s our job to help you find the right voice for the content and concept.

Voice-Over Recording Essential Guide
Voice-Over Demo Recording
Hire a Voiceover Talent


Creating a standout podcast goes beyond mere excellence in audio production. From audience research, conceptualisation to hosting and distribution, we can help you at various stages of your podcast launch.

We kickstarted our first commercial podcast in 2011, a time when podcasts weren’t even an IN thing and internet was still at 3G. Talk about experience in this new golden age of audio.

NLB Podcast Moving Art
NLB Moving Art
Podcast WDKY
What Doesn't Kill You (And What Just Might)
Tea With Mufti


Most books were written to be read rather than be listened. So we got ambitious in creating listening experiences that extend beyond textual boundaries.

Being read to is a really intimate and comforting thing. Are you listening yet? #WeGetInYourEars

Audiobook Kelly And The Krumps
Kelly and the Krumps
Audiobook Ace Agent Spycat Mayonnaise Mayhem
Ace Agent Spycat and the Mayonnaise Mayhem
The Malay Annals

Sound Design

Sound and music make up 50% of a story. Evoke the desired emotional reactions to your message with the right sounds and music. 

Whether it’s a simple voice over a music bed, or more detailed soundscapes design involving immersive 3D audio, we design the sound and music to make your moving visuals come alive.

Yayoi Kusama - Life is the Heart of a Rainbow
NTUC Orange Force App
Emily Of Emerald Hill Audioplay

Audio Editing & Fixing

We edit and fix raw audio recordings, cover up the flaws and make them sound better.

Recordings done in non-studio or poor acoustic environments are a distraction to your audience and reflects poorly on your brand. Yes, we can help with the audio rescue, but nothing beats audio properly recorded in an acoustically treated studio like ours. Learn more about what can and cannot be done in audio rescue.

creativity recording
Example 1 - Background Noise, Hiss
Example 2 -Siblance, Pops, Clicks
Example 3 - Echo, Distant Voices