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Looking For The RIGHT Recording Studio To Produce Your Content? 

- Here's our BOLD claim -

 We are THE RECORDING STUDIO that knows exactly how to create the RIGHT voice, sound and music to engage your target audience.

Don't Waste Time & Money Recording The Same Script Twice

Imagine laying the recorded audio tracks into your video after the session ... 

Only to realise that the sound doesn't sit well with the music or visuals.

Your clients commenting that the voice-over isn't impactful enough.

But, you don't recall the talent sounding that "bad" based on the given demo.

So What Went Wrong?

These are stressful scenarios to suddenly find yourself in. 

The deadline gets tighter and you are left with two options.

Either to make do with an audio track that you or your clients aren't happy with...

Or waste more time and money booking another studio session to hopefully get it right the second time around. 

We Help You Avoid These Messy Scenarios With Our 100% Commitment To Getting it Right For You Each and Every Time.

Recording Gone Wrong

Our 6 Secrets Of Being The Preferred Recording Studio In Singapore

Talented Sound Engineer Recording Studio Singapore

Talented Sound Engineers

With ears and years of experience that could tell you on the spot what's the right sound you need.

Large Voice Talent Pool Recording Studio Singapore

Large Voice Talent Pool

We know their strengths (and weaknesses) of our voice talents very well to know who has the right voice for your project.

Detailed Rich Sounding Mix Recording Studio Singapore

We Zoom In On Details

Whether during recording or in post, we are constantly making small tweaks that add up to make a huge difference in your final sound.

An Expensive Recording Signal Chain Recording Studio Singapore

A Recording Chain Worth $20,259

From the mics, to the channel strips and right down to the audio monitors, we GO after that "expensive" commerical sound.

Acoustically Optimised Recording Studio Space In Singapore

Spacious Recording Room

Built to dimensions optimised for broadcast recording as per BBC standards. That's why our tracks sound large and natural everytime.

Cozy Recording Studio Singapore

Cozy Studio Vibes

A comfortable balance of colours, lighting and spatial vibes, drawing out the best performance from any voice talent during recording.

5-Star Reviews From Our Clients

Our motivation to consistently get the sounds RIGHT for our clients

"Adrian is very friendly and professional. You can expect the recording to be executed in the most professional way and all the post-editing done in the shortest turnaround time. Backbeat studios is my number one to-go-to recording studio in Singapore!"

Sharlyn Lim Emcee

- Sharlyn Lim, Bilingual Emcee

"I have been working with Adrian from Backbeat Studios for many years. He is very knowledgeable, fast and accurate in what he is doing. You will appreciate him even more if you are doing studio voiceover recording job especially for those jobs of longer duration such as corporate video, training demo, online campaign etc."


- Matthew Tan, Matt:66 Productions

"I've been working with Adrian from Backbeat Studios for several years now. He never disappoints, delivers on time, shows genuine concern for every project & client and well, his comedic timing is impeccable - he is always able to find the funny side of things even amidst tight deadlines and stressful projects. He is as professionally capable in what he does as he is friendly and easy to work with. I once told him that he's like a surgeon performing an emergency c-section without leaving any scars - that pretty much sums up the miracles he's performed on some of our projects. "

Edi Torres

- Edi Torres, Mediafreaks

"Recording with Adrian & the Backbeat Studios team is always a pleasure. I find them highly skilled in recording & mixing great audio. They use high quality equipment & always make me feel welcome & relaxed. Paul Carr voice over artist"

Paul Carr

- Paul Carr, Voice-Over Artiste

"Had the opportunity to work with Adrian of Backbeat Recording Studios on several occasions. Adrian is extremely helpful and professional, and the quality of the recordings were excellent!"

Huiyu Dandelion Books

- Liang Huiyu, Dandelion Books

Why Not Hear the Difference For Yourself?

It's hard to describe the difference in our sounds and production approach without you experiencing it for yourself. 

We are confident of getting the right sound, voice and music for your project, or you'll record for free. 

Send us your project requirements and we'll let you hear the difference for yourself!

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