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Only the Best Voiceovers Guaranteed

All the expensive mics and gear we’ve accumulated at the studio to deliver the best sound for you as our client count for NOTHING, if we fail to match the best talent to what your project requires.

Voiceover recording and talent services go hand-in-hand in achieving the desired results specific to your production. We constantly expand our pool of voice talents to match the best talents for your project.

And we also try to do it for you at the best price point. Price point is as important a concern for us just as it is for you. Thus, we help you save both time and money, by using only the best voice talents and sound engineers for your project.

Voiceover Talent Pool

Voice Over Talent List

Access our pool of voiceover talents that could feature in your next project here. (coming soon)

The difference between a regular and an outstanding studio is the ability to value-add to a recording session and/or its end product. And in this regard, I consider Backbeat Studios outstanding.

"Evon Loh, Voiceover Artiste"

How can I become a voiceover artiste?


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Adrian Ng

Adrian Ng

Sound Creative at Backbeat Studios
Adrian Ng is a sound creative and founder of Backbeat Studios. He helps video creatives, marketers and online learning producers to create solid audio content that keeps clients happy and returning always.
Adrian Ng