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How to generate leads and awareness for your business via podcasts


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Starting a podcast for your business?

Recording a podcast may be easy. However, sustaining one can drain all your time, energy and resources.

Are you starting a new podcast? Wondering how to make a successful podcast? Confused by the technical process?

Get expert guidance at every step of the podcast recording process

Outsource a part or all of your podcast production needs to us, so that you can remained 100% focused on your main podcasting goals.

Here are some ways we can help.

Our Podcast Production Services

  1. Recording & Editing
  2. Intro, Midroll & Outro Creation
  3. Hiring A Podcast Host
  4. Conceptualising your podcast
  5. Podcast Website & Hosting
  6. Launch Planning & Marketing

Podcast Recording & Editing

classic microphone

You focus on the talking. We take care of the rest at our studio – recording, editing and mastering your podcast to the required technical specs.

Intro, Midroll & Outro Creation

recording levels

Hook your listeners’ attention with well-designed intros, outros and even a mid-roll , and leave them in no doubt that your podcast is the podcast they are looking for.

Conceptualising Your Podcast

podcast concept

We work with you to develop a unique premise and format of your podcast, so that it stands out among others to the listeners you want to captivate.

Adrian Ng

Adrian Ng

Sound Creative at Backbeat Studios
Adrian Ng is a sound creative and founder of Backbeat Studios. He helps video creatives, marketers and online learning producers to create solid audio content that keeps clients happy and returning always.
Adrian Ng