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Getting your audio to sound right

Getting the audio to sound “right” with your visuals involves careful balancing and referencing of the recorded materials, such that they translate well when played on TV, in theatres or on air.

This can be a huge challenge for many producers from film & video background and aren’t schooled in audio production.

Making sure that the final audio that goes on “air” is of the best quality is part of our professional ethos and we are more than happy to share with you some audio post tips and techniques you can use if you have to mixdown your own projects (where timeline or budget might be tight).

Of course, audio post-production is our specialty craft — something that that also requires a set of specialised tools to clean and polish you recorded audio. We will be happy to help — just a call or email away.

Audio Post Services You May Need

  • Cleaning, Editing & Mixing of audio
  • Removal of noises, bumps, interference in audio clips
  • Broadcast Mixing and Levelling to required LKFS standards
  • Surround mixing for 5.1 format
  • Sound Design / Music Design

Let's fix it in post

Let's fix it in post

Very often, the audio that you’ve captured during filming are far from ideal. Too much background noise, inaudible dialogue, wind noises, thumps, crackling interferences, airy / echoey voices, etc…

Can you fix them in post?

To a certain degree, yes, unless it’s really poorly recorded by someone untrained in audio.

Send us a sample of your recorded audio for a quick analysis – FREE!

Useful Tips & Techniques

A free course coming your way — “Let’s fix it in post” — your solution to fixing the audio problems in your video production

Audio Post - Before & After Sample

Here’s an example a TVC ad where we show you how a proper audio post can make a difference in the final impression your production would have on your audience.

Before and After Example of Audio Post

We visited Backbeat Studios for a short voice recording service. As it turned out, the owner Adrian was very personable and gave good advice. The result was fast and professional. Thumbs-up!


"Angie Yong, National Gallery Singapore"

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Adrian Ng

Adrian Ng

Sound Creative at Backbeat Studios
Adrian Ng is a sound creative and founder of Backbeat Studios. He helps video creatives, marketers and online learning producers to create solid audio content that keeps clients happy and returning always.
Adrian Ng