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“Not My Mother’s Baking” Opens At The Box Office.

Studio59 Concepts latest movie “Not My Mother’s Baking” opens at the box office this week. Not My Mother’s Baking is like a Singaporean Rome0-And-Juliet story where the Chinese son of a roast pork hawker family falls in love with the daughter of Malay celebrity chef Siti, falls in love and finally gets married to her. This […]

Best Voice-Over Microphone for Home Studios – A Quick Shootout

I bet the results of this voice-over microphone shoot-out will surprise you… ‘Cos we brought in a voice talent into the recording studio and pitted three mics around the $500 range against the U87 as reference. There was this one particular mic which really stood out amongst the competition and took the talent by real […]

Immersive Sound Design for CNA Documentary “Hunting History”

When I was first approached by CNA to create a soundscape to re-present a lesser-known event from Singapore’s past for a new documentary Hunting History, I wanted to try something different from the usual sound design routines for videos or advertisements. The creative idea behind the documentary series was after all about using technology to relive stories of the […]

The Future of 3D Immersive Sound in Super X-Fi

Immersive audio that puts the listener in the center of the action is where the future of sound lies. The problem is in figuring out how to deliver this sonic experience via mobile-friendly hardware or wearables that are not cumbersome to the end-user. Traditionally, immersive audio experience is delivered in the form of surround sound […]

Deity S-Mic 2 – The Best Shotgun Microphone Alternative To A Sennheiser MKH416?

If you are looking for the best shotgun microphone alternative to the Sennheiser MKH-416, something that is cheaper but nearly as good, well, quite frankly, you would be disappointed once you compare them side by side for their sonic fullness and isolation in relation to the MKH-416. Don’t get me wrong, there is a range of […]

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